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Studio Contax, companies advising
This web site is made to give the opportunity to our customers to have an useful web service: accounting services, including public, management, and government accounting, as well as internal auditing, consulting activities, auditing services, tax services, recording and analyzing the financial information of the companies, forensic accounting, tax advantages and disadvantages.


3/1/2010  -   News 2010 Increase IRAP / additional regions to deficient health

3/1/2010  -   News 2010 personal income tax deduction 36%

News 2010 Reassessment land and holdings

3/1/2010  -   Service "My files"
For our registered users a new service has been enabled. Users can now download documents' files released by our studio.  [+]


Taxes expiration for business men, craftsmen, traders»

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